Lifelong Love Turned Business or How to Mend a Broken Heart With Beauty

A long time ago in a country far away ( America since I now live in Switzerland) I was born into an artistic family. My grandfather was an artist but what's even more important to the story is that he repaired antiques and porcelain and whatever else people brought to him. He was a great talent at this. We visited him sometimes and eventually came to live with him for some years. For as long as I remember I was surrounded by these beautiful pieces and got to know them on an intimate level since they often lay broken apart waiting for my grandfather to work his magic and restore them to their former splendor.
The house was also filled with interesting things he found in antique shops, thrift stores and other second hand shops. My mom and aunts followed suit with a love for vintage which included the songs and recipes from the south where my grandmother came from.
I began collecting from my teenage years on. Mostly practical but special things like blue depression glass dessert dishes and never used Art Deco tableware ca 1919 ( I still have these things).
Fast forward many years and I found myself in Switzerland married to a Swiss Mr who has a taste for vintage too!
The mending the broken heart comes in with the passing of my beloved 16 year old Jack Russel ( who came with me from America) .
I decided to sooth my heart and indulge my passion for pretty things and spend more time poking around the vintage shops here. It has been great fun! At about the same time I discovered Etsy and thought it would be really interesting to start a little business with my hobby.
BrockiStop was born!
I hope you enjoy finding and owning the things I have found as much as I have!
Happy hunting

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